A 20-minute ferry ride away from Manhattan, Staten Island has long been treated by New Yorkers as an afterthought. Residents feel overlooked by New York City. Staten Islanders feel as if their community has been neglected & unappreciated, appointing Staten Island its title as "The Forgotten Borough". The community is battling socio-economic issues, an ongoing opioid crisis & in parts still remains damaged by Hurricane Sandy, almost a decade later.

I Love Staten Island is a campaign designed to reshape perception & rewrite the narrative of the borough, intending to elevate the status of Staten Island to the acclimation of New York's remaining 4 boroughs & begin Staten Island's ascent to essential New York destination calibre. In subsequence attracting more visitors, boosting local economy & helping combat some of Staten Island's pressing socioeconomic issues. 

I Love Staten Island's brand identity has been designed to become an emblem of the borough, repurposing typography from Staten Island's rich history & modern culture - it becomes not just an identity for Staten Island, but from Staten Island. The identity maintains a light, honest & self-aware tone of voice throughout, one that acknowledges imperfection & prejudice & reconstructs both into something positive. The brand utilises the physical space in which it exists, demanding the attention of New Yorkers with both a bold visual language & tone of voice. The identity exists to reshape perception, rewrite the narrative & above all else remind New York that Staten Island is & always will be, a part of the New York City family.