Half Full Brewing Co

︎ Featured in The Brand Identity, The Dieline, Print Magazine, Pentawards, Fonts In UseThe World Brand Design Awards.

In 2019 the suicide rate for men in the UK was at its highest for two decades, seeing men account for roughly three-quarters of all suicide related deaths. Men aged between 45-49 remain at the highest risk.

Half Full Brewing Co is a conceptual brewery, with a mission to dismantle the stigmas & incentivise men to have those often difficult conversations about mental health. The brand is positioned to infiltrate a familiar & recognisable environment, delivered with a visual language & colloquial tone of voice that ceases to alienate, deter or discourage. Infiltrating the environment of pubs, breweries & beer, Half Full is positioned to harness & celebrate the community, solidarity & conversations indicative to this space, repurposed as a vehicle to encourage essential conversations & dismantle antiquated stigmas.

The association with alcohol & the lexicon of mental heath more often than not focuses on the damaging effects of alcohol abuse & its duality alongside mental illness - a conversation both essential & necessary. That being said, there appears to have been a missed opportunity, an oversight to harness & celebrate the community, solidarity & conversations that begin to emerge from the culture of pubs, breweries & beer. This unique dichotomy invites an identity that plays on duality, underpinned by a visual language indicative to masculine convention.

The identify hijacks a visual language indicative to masculine convention, a covert operation with the intent of infiltrating a familiar & recognisable design language. Half Full boasts a brutalist, bold & industrial look & feel that nods to convention, poised to communicate & resonate without alienating, deterring or discouraging.

Special thanks to Tony from Hartlebury Brewing Co.