Grey Poupon: Brand Refresh

A brand refresh proposal that proudly showcases Grey Poupon as an intersection between French & American culture. Using a combination of calligraphic & serif type, the identity becomes an embodiment of the amalgamation of the two cultures harmoniously merging together. This, alongside the high-jacking of the red, white & blue palette of the American & French flags, becomes symbolic of Grey Poupon’s proud French origins & deep roots in American culture.

The identity becomes indicative of a marriage between French & American borders, a transatlantic conjunction forged through Grey Poupon. The refresh stays loyal to Grey Poupon’s heritage & ancestry whilst repositioning itself as a staple deeply rooted in American culture - a higher calibre condiment that exudes poise, pride & charisma. The refresh maintains the class & elegance of Grey Poupon’s heritage whilst ensuring new-found appeal for American millennials. Above all else, the refresh is designed to tap into the visual language of enduring contemporary luxury to resonate with an American millennial audience.