Another Brick in the Wall: Brand Identity

Inspired by the recent GameStop short squeeze saga & the keyboard crusaders who practically bankrupt a hedge fund from their bedrooms, Another Brick in the Wall offers an online platform hosting accessible & digestible financial education in the form of articles, webinars & discussions. The platform is designed to incentivise & galvanise a new generation & community of young investors to tackle & disrupt the bureaucracy & white collar crooks of Wall Street who have long treated the stock market as their own members-only country club. The platform champions the democratisation of financial information & educates a community on trading, investing, shorting & stock market manipulation with its often dire consequences. A manipulation perpetuated by gigantic financial institutions to make huge financial gains at the cost of jobs, economic stability & livelihoods of many working-class people.

Another Brick in the Wall lives outside its primary manifestation as a multichannel experience, with an active social media presence, podcast series & OOH campaign all living under one centralised identity with a clear mission of engaging, incentivising & educating a community. It is positioned as accessible & digestible, not limited to those privileged with generational wealth, but designed to democratise the financial education traditionally limited to Wall Street’s incestuous inner circles. The tone of voice circumvents Wall Street's ostentatious dialect, educating & informing a community of young investors without the perplexing & discouraging jargon. In a moment dubbed as “the largest wealth transfer from the financial ruling class to the middle classes in recent memory", Another Brick in the Wall aims to inspire a community of young investors to unite, educate & rebel against the status quo - debunking the notion that the Wall Street elite are more equipped & more entitled to call the shots & rejecting the ideology that the rest of society must be "stuck with stagnant wages, record consumer debt & abide by financial advice that tells us to wait until we are old to retire”. All of which inspired by a moment, a movement & a momentum that's shaking the very foundations of Wall Street.

Inspired by the misfits, the rebels, the keyboard crusaders & the virtual vigilantes, Another Brick in the Wall celebrates the crazy ones, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. We bask in rebellion, a disruptive effervescent colour palette, off-beat letterforms & absence of uniformity become indicative of what it means to disrupt & challenge the status quo. We are the misfits, the troublemakers & the round pegs in square holes.